Changes in the Check Design Standard and Specifications

Please be informed that effective May 2, 2022, the new Check Design Standards and Specifications (CDSS) will be implemented. 
PCHC will no longer accept old format Checks in its clearing operations starting May 2, 2022. Except for the post-dated checks (PDC’s) that were accepted stamped ‘Warehoused’ by banks prior to January 2, 2022, PCHC will only accept and process checks that comply with the new CDSS.
As stated in Memo Circulat No. 3494 dated 4 December 2018, the approved changes includes the following:
3.1. Month-Day-Year as standard format for date;
3.2. Date format guide as indicated below the date line (MM-DD-YYYY)
3.3. Individual box provided for each charactter of the date
3.4. Moving the Peso sign out of the amount box (Amount in Figures)
3.5. Boxing the Signature/s Line/Space

Should you have any questions, please feel free to approach any of our branch personnel or contact us at:
Landline: +63 2 5719131 and +63 2 5719132