Retail Banking FAQs

1.       How do I register for AllBank Retail Banking System?

Go to Retail Banking website and click Sign Up to proceed with the Registration.


2.       Who may register for AllBank Retail Banking System?

Active individual accounts can register for the Retail Banking System.


3.       What are the features available in the AllBank Retail Banking System?

Features available are (Register Accounts, Remove or Disable Accounts, Mini Statement, Transaction Inquiry, Transfer to Own Account, Transfer to Third Party, Transfer to Other Bank via Instapay and PesoNet, Check Book Request, Locate Branch/ATM) Bills Payment (SOON).


4.       Is there a cost involved to enroll in AllBank Retail Banking System?


5.       What should I do if my account is locked or if I forgot my password?

If user account is locked, system will reset login the next day.

6.       What should I do if I forgot my User ID?

Call maintaining branch to know registered user ID.

7.       What will I do if I cannot log in?

Identify reason, if this is not covered by items no 5 and 6, call your maintaining branch.

8.       How can I change/update my registered information?

Call your maintaining branch to update your information. Be ready to answer personal information to verify or confirm your identity.

9.       Are there any charges for transactions made via Personal Retail Banking?

None, except for Instapay(Php15) and PesoNet(Php25). Checkbook Request(Php350)

10.   Is there a daily transaction limit for Personal Retail Banking?

Yes, P50K for Transfer to Other Banks via Instapay  and P150k for PesoNet

11.   How will I know if my transaction was successfully done?

Confirmation via SMS is sent for successful transactions.

12.   Is AllBank Retail Banking System available overseas?

Yes, the Personal Retail Banking System is available overseas.

13.   Why do I need to provide Security Questions?

Security Question is set as an additional security layer used to verify account ownership. A security question is a form of shared secret used to authenticate user account.


14.   Can I still cancel my scheduled Fund Transfer?

Yes, scheduled transfers can be cancelled before 12am of scheduled date.

15.   Can I inquire on the status of my Fund Transfer Transaction?

Yes, you can inquire about the status of fund transfer under Transaction Inquiry menu.

16.   What will I do if I did not use my account for a while?

As long as your account is active (does not fall under dormant state), access to the Personal Retail Banking System will not be disabled.

17.    What will I do if I forgot my answers on the Security Questions?

Call your maintaining branch to reset your access.

18.   Can I transfer funds to multiple accounts?

Transfer can only be made per single beneficiary.